All names in the JavaScript Math library are predeclared in Source. The complete specifications are given in ECMAScript Specification, Section 20.2, and a summary is available here, by clicking on the names on the right. As learner of Source, you are not expected to learn all of these, right away. But you might want to remember where you can look for them: Here! Click on a name to see how it is defined and used.

Note that we expect all arguments of `math_...` functions to be numbers, as defined by the function `is_number`. An implementation of Source does not need to check whether all arguments of `math_...` functions are indeed numbers.

Two of the specifications make use of the function ToUint32, which is defined as follows: ToUint32 converts argument to one of 232 integer values in the range 0 through 232-1, inclusive. This operation functions as follows:

If the argument x is NaN, +0, -0, +∞, or -∞, ToUint32(x) return +0. Otherwise, let int be the mathematical value that is the same sign as number and whose magnitude is math_floor(math_abs(x)). ToUint32(x) returns int modulo 232.